Mindset Monday – Intention and Purpose – December 6, 2021

Hi Team,

This week I am cultivating a mindset of purpose-driven intention. It sounds straightforward, and it is, but it is also multi-layered. To operate with intention, we must focus on our planning for the week ahead. To plan and enable intent, we must have a defined purpose. I go back to my Just Purpose when setting my intentions.

Recently we’ve been discussing a monthly objective and key result schedule. We think evaluating progress towards our OKRs monthly and setting next months helps keep us nimble while also providing the clarity to keep us creating intentional plans on purpose each week.

We have a lot of things going on every day. However, each of those things is furthering us in our pursuit of our individual Just Purpose. We know none of it is in vain. Still, to make incremental progress towards realizing our sizeable long-term goals, we must become more adept at progressing with intention.

I know that understanding my Just Purpose helps me make more intentional decisions from moment to moment. For example, being patient gives me more space to create a deliberate choice free from reactionary pressure and fear. I have also found that leading a collaborative problem-solving effort with a high-performing team requires a consistent process-driven approach.

We identify the problem, and we define the scope. We recognize the solutions and steps to implementation. Then we have the path to create a plan and identify the key deliverables. As with any program, the enemy gets a vote. We know that each day will present new challenges, and we will have to adapt. We will always need to build confidence in our ability to thrive in chaos. The better we do at planning, the more variables we account for, the more processes we can automate, the easier it becomes to ride the eddies of chaos in the direction of our purpose.

This week, let us integrate a mindset of purpose-driven intention into our identity. Creating meaning is about a tactical plan for meeting our objectives. It can be hard to get started, and it can be exhausting. We often tend to focus on the laundry list or build up too many goals for the week, making it impossible to feel successful.

We will keep the focus on the key results each week. We will not consistently achieve one hundred percent of our key results, which is okay. That is necessary because our key results should push us. However, we will make continuous progress towards our objectives because we will plan with intent.

Stay Safe Out There!


Just Purpose

Today is definitely a new day. It’s not going to be the same going forward as it has been before. There is no need to dwell on past weakness as we will focus on future strength. The past remains for us to learn from, but only in so far as it serves our just purpose.

This is one of those magical days when everything seems possible and clear.

What is a just purpose? If anything it is a mashup. It’s an idea for rebels, it is an idea for me. It’s a blending of a grand purpose in the spirit of Loki and a just cause in pursuit of more ahead days within the infinite game.

A Just Purpose is the thing I feel compelled to do, my purpose, and the meaning I long to assign, that my purpose is applied justly. I am not interested in following some other persons cause, but I can be persuaded to aid another’s cause when I see that it is Just and my purpose aligns with the cause.

Today, I finally feel free from fear and ready to step into my Just Purpose.

‘Fear, today we are embarking on another journey;

Creativity, you and I. We have been on many journeys together.

You will come with us, I know you won’t allow yourself to be left behind.

You may have your voice, you may have a seat at the table.

You may not set our direction or make decisions.’

This is a paraphrasing of a wonderful idea Elizabeth Gilbert presents in her book Big Magic

Don’t be afraid to live in your purpose and don’t be afraid to live that purpose justly.

Stay Safe Out There!